Master Out-Of-Home Advertising.

Learn how to elevate your brand with proven digital out-of-home strategy.
Master Out-Of-Home advertising.
80+ pages of step-by-step strategy for starting and dominating digital out-of-home marketing channels!

Developed from our experience working with recognizable brands.

Chapter 1
The Essential Role of Digital Signage in 21st Century Advertising
Digital signage and digital out-of-home advertising became an untapped marketing channel with unique benefits. We are addressing advantages of DOOH against print, radio and online medium.
Chapter 2
Learn the Language of Digital Out Of Home Advertising
This chapter will teach you the essentials of digital signage glossary and explain basic terms specified for the DOOH industry. You’ll learn general, measurement and audience targeting terms.
Chapter 3
Does It Work?
We are uncovering the 3 types of digital signage data, what to look for and how to measure it. You will be able to prepare, publish and manage DOOH campaigns and measure their success.
Chapter 4
Buying Digital Out of Home Advertising
Before buying screen media you need to know: screen locations, and audience behavioral data. The crucial information for your cost, reach and effectiveness of any DOOH marketing activities.
Chapter 5
Digital Signage Hardware
You always have to use the right tools for the job. In chapter 5 we are covering the hardware aspect of digital signage. This includes the screen network, media players, screens and mounts.
Chapter 6
Digital Screen Network Software
In chapter 6 we cover the software that runs and manages your content. The specialized software (CMS) handles what, where and when your content will be shown and the campaign analytics.
Chapter 7
Content, Copy, and DOOH
The 7-Step DOOH Planning Guide will take all the worries away in creating subpar content. Learn the important questions you must be asking yourself before you publish anything.
Chapter 8
Is Digital Signage Right for My Company?
Is digital signage and DOOH advertising the right thing for you? This chapter summarizes the chapters we talked about to give you an easy decision.
One of the best, if not the best book on digital advertising i’ve read in a long time. And free, wow. You guys are the best!
testimonialBalint Kasas, Marketing executive (Hungary)
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